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Baby and Toddler Toys
October 27, 2017
Babies come into the world ready to learn everything they can
November 2, 2017

Baby Toys – Gift Sets


Whether it is at play time, personal baby care time or snuggling at bedtime,  we are proud our baby gift sets and baby products are a part of those sweet moments in your busy day when you relax and bond with your little one.  We realize that these early days and months of your baby’s life are so very important for her progressive growth and development.  Baby’s first language is touch.  We know the skin of an infant is far different than our own, it is very delicate and requires special care. The use of our gift sets of baby creams and lotion will make bath time fun and soothing.  Again this is a wonderful time with your gentle hand, to form a special bond with your baby through the power of touch.

Through those baby to toddler years you will daily notice your child more interested in colors, different textures and movement.  Playing with brightly colored toys, puzzles and balls will spark their imagination and stimulate their learning of the world around them. We are dedicated to providing toys that not only encourage their motor skills and discovery of the results of their interaction with objects, like pushing and pulling, but to build on their communication skills.  This is all through providing you a chance to play along with you child and rejoice in the sound of laughter and the wonder in their eyes. You can depend on us at Toys Ferry to always try to have that special toy, book, or gift to meet your needs.  Take time to look through our items, and enjoy.  We are always open to any ideas, suggestions or request from you our customer.  So feel free to send us E-mail at any time.

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