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Wooden Toys

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Wooden Toys

Toys Ferry is an online retailer that offers high quality wooden toys for kids of all age groups. Plastics harm our environment so when everyone is following the concept of “Go Green” , then why not toys. All the toys in our store are available at factory prices and are of high quality which are safe for children of all ages to play with. Early learning tools like wooden toys can assist develop kids’ imagination and critical thinking skills.


Different types of wooden toys for kids available at Toys Ferry


~ Educational toys                             ~ Puzzles
~ Learning toys                                  ~ Dollhouses
~ Mathematical toys                         ~ Block sets


Nowadays all the children are busy playing with mobile and electronic gadgets, due to which the development of their brain is hampered. That’s why it is very important that we encourage children to play with toys so their continuous development takes place progressively in all aspects.


At Toys Ferry store, you can enjoy


Factory prices                         Eco-friendly/wooden toys

Resourceful learning toys    Reliable services

Young minds creative development


Latest Wooden Toys for Kids updated regularly


Toys Ferry is always searching for interesting and innovative products to be added to their inventory which can promote holistic growth of children.


Unlock a plethora of benefits for your children


~ Locomotor development                      ~ Mathematical skills development
~ Psychomotor development                  ~ Improves attention span
~ Critical thinking                                    ~ Development of language skills


Browse through our assortment of wooden toys for kids and other high quality educational and learning toys available at our online store at competitive prices and promote your kids’ growth and development in a fun way.

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