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Dolls and Accessories for Kids

Every Little girl has a dream of having her very own doll house. And here at Toys Ferry we have many varieties of doll houses, furniture and accessories to bring out the creativity and imagination of girls of all ages.  You will enjoy watching your princess role playing her interactions with her family, school and the world around her.  The furniture is 1/12 or ⅙ scale and easy for little hands to play and decorate their doll houses. Nothing can bring a smile to your face more than watching your daughter make up stories as the family members are moving around her doll house.  As she grows she may even take on her doll house as a hobby and decorate it with such love and care that it could be a family heirloom.

This type of play can allow the child to dream and aspire to become whatever  they want to be.  To be in charge of their own environment and develop a feeling of positive self esteem and self worth. These are vital qualities for women in this ever changing world.

More than likely the child’s first best friend is a doll, or stuffed animal. We strive to provide a wide variety range of dolls, stuffed animals, hand and finger puppets for you to chose from.  It is important for  little girls, and yes little boys, play and interact with dolls, and stuffed animals.  These kind of toys become your child’s security item to cuddle with and care for and even share secrets with.  The child will begin to mimic the care and love they receive from you and learn the beauty of communication, social skills and cognitive skills.  As you play and role play with the wonderful dolls, puppets or soft animals that Toys Ferry has in stock there are so many lessons you can teach. For example teaching your child body parts, self care, language development, and fine motor skills. The possibilities are endless when you just follow along with the child’s lead.  Role playing with our dolls, and cuddle items can be used to prepare you child for the arrival of a sibling, or to face a new challenge.  Enjoy and just let yourself be amazed at the imagination of your little one.  We consider it a privilege to be a part of the wonders adventures your child will led you on.