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Diggers for Kids – Toys Ferry

Little boys are fascinated by big trucks: dump trucks, garbage trucks,fire trucks, tractors, pickup trucks,semi-trucks, monster trucks and all types of construction equipment.  There is a truck of some kind almost everywhere that something important is being built, fixed, grown or moved on our highways, city streets and farms.  Kids, especially boys notice!  Well we at Toys Ferry notice also, and have thus provided for you a huge variety of trucks and builders to choose from.  Trucks are big, their colors are bold, and they make awesome loud noises.  Kids love seeing amazing work happening in the grown up world.  We as adults no longer pay attention to the background of everyday life and really this is all new and exciting to kids!

Here at Toys Ferry we believe playing with toy trucks and related equipment is a terrific way for children to role play the busy life and progress that is happening around them.  All of the trucks and building equipment allow the child to express their interest and creativity.  We carry trucks in many different sizes from matchbox size to outdoor ride toys and digger trucks complete with music, sounds and noise that will surely keep a boy interested for long while.  Playing outside opens up opportunities for constructive, sensory, imaginary learning.  This also introduces to the child new vocabulary, science and physics.  

Toys Ferry realize and believe trucks are not only for boys.  Girls may be interested in playing with trucks also.  Hopefully that myth and stereotyping is a thing of the past. That type of social message is no longer went out to our girls.  Toys Ferry stand firmly behind the belief that any little girl can attain anything she wants in life, just like the boys.  The sense of getting their hands dirty working with sand and soil will bring back many memories of your own childhood.  So we encourage you to look over our supply of trucks, construction and farming toys and enjoy a play session with your child.