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Surprise Your Kids with a Toy Tractor!

One thing that every kid loves is toys. Toys play a very important role in a kid’s childhood because they play with their toys all the time. Kids are so fond of toys that even parents can’t deny buying them toys. So, it’s time to add a new toy to your kid’s toy collection that is a toy tractor.
A tractor is an amazing vehicle that helps the farmer in several ways like plowing the land, carrying mud, stones, or waste, and even helping to water the crops. Tractors play a very important role in farming. So, Toys Ferry the leading toy brand for kids has launched its new toy which is a tractor.
Sometimes the toy you buy for your kids not only becomes their playmates but also teaches them a lot of things that can help them in the future. By buying a toy tractor you are giving a toy to your kid that can teach him/her the importance of a tractor in farming and the activities done by a farmer in growing crops. Toys Ferry has always tried to supply toys that can educate children in some or the other way.
The toy tractors manufactured by Toys Ferry are very different from the ones sold in the market. The toy tractors are manufactured with high-quality products. It is a detachable diecast truck toy, which is available in four amazing colors Red, Blue, Green, and Orange. Each color comes in a different size.
Orange size: 15.8*5cm (6.2*2.0inch)
Green size: 12.7*5cm(5.0*2.0 inch)
Blue size: 16.6*5cm (6.5*2.0 inch)
Red size: 15.8*5cm (6.2*2.0 inch)
Children often break their toys but you don’t have to worry because these tractors are high-quality toys that are super cute just like your children. The price of these tractors is$21.74 per piece but if you order them today you will get them at $13.03 per piece and the best part is that you will also get free shipping, which can save you a lot of money. So here is your chance to bring a bright smile on your child’s face by gifting these amazing cute little tractors.
Also, check out the Toys Ferry website for more such toys.