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Building & Construction Sets for Kids

Legos and blocks!…oh the possibilities and the important role and benefits they play in our children’s lives. They provide the opportunity for the younger child to develop their fine motor skills as the blocks are larger and easier for their little hands to grasp. The first classic Lego brick was designed by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958) in 1947. He came up with the name Lego from the Danish words leg got which stood for “play well”. Since then the birth of the Lego brand has become a popular toy in many family homes. The bright colors, shapes and sizes have delighted both boys and girls from babies to school age children and beyond. At Toysferry you will see we carry many different styles of blocks as well as Legos and construction sets.
As the child grows the size of the blocks become smaller and with their attention span increasing you will enjoy watching the child begin to build and construct objects. At this time they are learning skills in math, balance, freedom of expression and how things actually fit together and work. That is when the individual construction sets will become a must for your child. Toysferry is delighted to offer you and your little budding engineer so many choices in construction sets and car and truck making sets. The art of following directions to come to a desired result will make your child wide eyed with wonder and pride in him or herself for completing a project.

As time has passed the building and construction sets of Lego and others has grown as well. Thus emerging the construction sets that also come with small motors and other accessories to stimulate the imagination of your child. We are sure you will enjoy getting involved with you child in the excitement of building and active play. You will find that over time you collect many Legos in a variety of sizes, and they seem to be everywhere. Oh, we as parents love those Legos, until you step on one! Ouch!! This is when you are presented with another teaching opportunity with your child, and that would be the importance of picking up their blocks when finished playing. Well Toysferry has also given you cases and totes to store the blocks. Most of all buy these toys and sets and enjoy the time with your child.