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Arts, Crafts and Games

Remember how thrilled your little one was when they painted, or drew a picture for you?  Or the joy and excitement of putting together a puzzle on their own?  Toys Ferry realize that the developmental benefits of art.  Many of the motions involved in making art, such as holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are essential to the growth of fine motor skills in young children.  That is why we offer such a variety of projects, puzzles, beads for stringing into jewelry, clay and play dough, just to name a few items.  By the time a child reaches the age of three they should be able to draw a circle and beginning to use safety scissors, with supervision.

By the age of four they may be able to draw other shapes; squares, triangles and begin cutting straight lines with the safety scissors.  The meeting of these milestones are vital in development of  the dexterity the child will need in writing.

For very young children, making art; or just talking about art provides opportunities to learn words for shapes, colors and actions.  All of this opens up a world of creativity and imagination in children.  Which are skills very important in today’s society and cultures..  By school age the child can use descriptive words to discuss their own creations or to talk about what feelings they have when they are looking at different styles of artwork.  Here at Toys ferry you will find many different mosaic puzzles and stickers plus an array of coloring books and small art building projects for your child.  The experience of making decision and choices as they develop their art carries over into other parts of life.  As they are exploring and thinking and experimenting and trying new ideas you will see their freedom of creativity grow and blossom.

Come and browse our website and provide you child the opportunity to be creative and expressive.  The possibilities are endless.  The may make art and craft items such as jewelry, clay pots and feel the joy of giving an item they made to a parent, grandparent, or friend as a gift. Enjoy shopping at Toys Ferry and be assured we are here to make your experience with us one of pleasure and one you will feel confident to recommend to your family and friends.