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Toys for 4 Year Olds

There’s a tremendous explosion in learning ability at 4 years age, and it’s a good time to introduce interactive educational toys that teach math and verbal skills, such as phonics boards or mini computers. Choose toys that say positive things like ‘Good job. Let’s try again’ instead of ones that make negative beeping noises whenever kids get an answer wrong.  4 year olds are now able to imagine that they’re someone else and may fantasize about being airplane pilots, police officers, doctors, or teachers. Top Toys include art supplies and craft kits, different shape blocks.  Balls or jump ropes. Any kind of early sport activity toys.  Toys may become more gender specific. So 4 year old boys are more interested in trucks, building and fishing.  Girls at 4 may be more interested in dolls,dressing and changing doll clothes.  Again enjoy the adventures your  4 year old will take you on.  Visit and you will find the perfect toy.