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Hi Tech Toys for Kids

The world of Hi Tech! The first Star Wars movie was in 1977 and became a brand of it’s own.Toys and action figures became popular with kids of all ages. The first set started with only four characters from the movie being produced , and only in small amounts. The toys became so high in demand that the manufacturing became impossible. With time the Kenner Toy Company was building on the demand and began producing the first twelve action figures in the 1980’s.

After collecting the first 12 figures, Kenner expanded the set to 20, then over the years, to over 92. Each toy was different and each allowed kids to create endless scenarios in the Star Wars universe. This creativity exploded due to Kenner’s determination that every toy had to “do something” and the fact that the marketing of things like the cardboard backs of toys and Star Wars commercials helped to show kids how to play with the toys. As each movie was released the number of action figures and equipment grew. Toys Ferry carry a huge collection of Star War action figures, accessories, vehicles, spaceships and kits. These toys open the child’s mind to a whole new world of discovery and adventure. And develops their ability to interact with other children in the exploration of Space.

Toy Ferry also carry an array of lightsabers, games. Costumes and almost any Star Wars item to delight any child as well as adult. The world of Star Wars has grown to become an industry all its own, and is still growing. Many of the Star War construction kits can now be motorized and designed in whatever form the child desires. As the child grows the type of Star War toys and kits also grow. The joy you as a parent gain in sharing your own memories of the Star Wars era with your child will create a bonding experience that will last a lifetime. So please allow Toys Ferry to provide you with the necessary and desired toys and construction items to make these precious memories come to life.