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Toys for 9 Year Olds

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Toys for 9 Year Olds

Nine-year-old children are incredibly curious about the world around them and may want to research topics that interest them. They have longer attention spans and will tend to spend lots of time on activities and subjects that they are excited about. 9-year-olds also have longer attention spans. They will be able to focus on something for as much as an hour or more. At this age, children will develop interests and cultivate them with passion and will love doing research to find out all about their favorite topic. Whether it’s reading suspenseful books, playing baseball, or finding out all they can about the world of Star Wars, your child will pursue his interests with diligence and focus.  Like to draw, paint, make jewelry, build models, or do other activities that use their fine motor skills. 9 year old boys will enjoy tools and building things.  9 year olds are into tablets, social media and researching anything they question.  As a caution to parents always be aware and checking your child’s use of social media.. Visit for many ideas for your 9 year old.

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