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September 18, 2017
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October 27, 2017

Disciplining the One and Two Year Old Child

Parents of children between the ages of one and two years of age are often confused about how they should discipline their young child. Children at this age are very curious and will constantly be on the move in order to explore their surroundings. Some days parents feel like they say the word “no” more than a hundred times throughout the day. In truth, they probably are.

One and two year old children have almost little to no memory skills. This is why parents are forced to repeat themselves regarding the do’s and don’ts within the household. A child this age may begin to understand and immediate direction and may stop what they are being asked to, but it is not uncommon for the child to go right back to doing it again.

They are not trying to irritate their parents, they simply just do not have the brain function to retain the rules that have been given to them. In these cases, it is important for the parent to stay calm and repeat the direction or simple word, no. If the behavior is dangerous, the child should be removed from the area or the object should be moved out of the child’s reach.

Spanking a one year old for committing a so called disobedient act is fruitless. They will not remember why they were spanked an hour later and really are not trying to misbehave. A parent has the important job that requires their full attention to safeguard their child during their active play hours. This developmental period will require lots of gentle reminders from the parents to help mold their young one into a well behaved toddler.

Parents should get some informative and knowledge based toys for kids. As we all know, Children love from toys. At this age if they start applying there brain on various things, they starts learning and mind develops accordingly. We at toysferry provide special ranking of Toys for 2 Years Old kids.

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