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Children’s love for Playmobil toys is never going to fade away! And, I can assure you, if you plan to buy Playmobil toys online to surprise your little ones or give them as a present, they will be on cloud nine. These toys have become extremely popular not only among kids but also their parents. And it’s not by accident that they became every parent’s top pick; it’s because they have a secret trove of infinite educational and developmental benefits too.

It is imperative that the power of imagination should start developing in children at a very young age, as these years are their formative years and contribute immensely to their overall growth and development. Playmobil sets give your child hours of worthwhile entertainment while also offering a pool of endless learning opportunities. So, allow your children to engage with Playmobil sets, as it will spark their imagination, inspire creative thoughts and ideas, and advance their social, physical, and cognitive growth and development. These toys come in so many diverse themes, like City streets, Jurassic Park, Military, Ninja, City fun, Fire fighting, Police station, Zoo etc making it easy to develop motor skills and foster creativity as children play with them.

Toys Ferry is an excellent shopping platform to buy Playmobil toys online. With their appealing colors and versatile collection, the exclusive range of toys available on our website for all age groups are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. A toy is essential, but a toy that gives children joy as well as opportunities for resourceful and imaginative play is even more vital.

So, look through our selection of Playmobil toys online today and choose from a variety of options that will help your child’s imagination soar while giving you both a wonderful chance to play together, strengthen your relationship, and create many unforgettable moments.

Playmobil is small plastic figurines and accessories that are about 3 inches in height. offer Playmobil toys, these toys offer bright and colorful items that help children’s imaginations soar. There’s certainly no limits to what a child can do when playing with Playmobil or Mega Bloks, and each has its own features that makes them unique and favoured by children across the globe.

Recommended for ages 4 years old and up, Playmobil has dozens of lines that appeal to both boys and girls. One of the greatest features of Playmobil is that its designs are made to meet the current trends and interests of young children. For that reason we offer a variety of Playmobil sets; example fireman,zookeeper, teacher and classroom, police station.  Each set with coordinated people.

For example, Playmobil has shifted their focus to the modern, suburban dollhouse to reflect modern times. These accessories include pull-out sofa beds, big screen TV’s and modern kitchen appliances. For boys, the experience with Playmobil is the same. While cowboys and Indians were once the popular focus, boys can now use their imaginations with Playmobil’s line of pirates, deep sea diving and zoo animals.

Not only does Playmobil do a great job in making their toy sets manipulate the existing world, but they also allow young children to dabble in the things they love. A child interested in construction or trains can use Playmobil toys to identify and act out these objects.

Mega Bloks are large plastic blocks that are ideal for children 1 year and up, yet some sets are made for children even younger. These brightly colored blocks are sold in sets that are used to build whatever the imagination allows. Mega Bloks grow with the popular trends and feature licensed characters such as Dora the Explorer or Wonder Pets.

It is often times these very licensed characters that inspire new ideas for Mega Bloks sets. Kids love being able to interact with their favourite characters, while also using their motor skills and creative niche to build gadgets. While most Mega Bloks sets are made to interest both boys and girls, some sets are designed for a specific gender. Examples include Disney Princess sets for girls and Extreme Sports sets for boys.

While there are many similarities between the creativity and imagination that Playmobil and Mega Bloks allow, there are many things that sets these toy products apart.

The pieces in Playmobil sets have their own functions and set up a scenario for kids to play with. Playmobil sets also feature sets that date back to years ago, allowing kids to experiment with things that once existed. Mega Bloks on the other hand, are designed to be built with, so pieces can be used to make just about anything. Mega Bloks sets introduce the latest characters and come in a variety of sizes and colors, interesting a variety of ages. Toysferry is happy to supply these toys for your little one, as well as making your shopping experience enjoyable.

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