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February 21, 2023
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Best Categories of Toys for Children to Invest in

Rather than just being a form of entertainment or recreation, play is the basis of a child’s education, growth and learning. Playing should not be considered a time wasting activity for children, let them play and have fun. Afterall, that’s how they develop! All education does not happen only with learning aids or with books and pens. When children engage in play and toys, it can fan the flames of the imagination power of kids. We believe that –

“Toys can unlock leaders of the future.”

In most cases, parents are wondering which toys will give their children the most learning experience and also enable them to have fun. Let’s discuss top categories of toys that every young child must have.

  1. Blocks

Did you know that just half an hour of independent play with blocks enhances spatial awareness and logical reasoning? Yes, it is absolutely imperative. For young children, soft blocks are a good starting point, while older ones can move on to wooden blocks or legos. Check out our collection of blocks for kids available online at factory price.

  1. Puzzles

You can get an amazing variety of puzzles on our online platform whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle or picture puzzles. Children need puzzle games to develop their cognitive skills. Therefore, these are very important for maintaining brain function and its energy levels.

  1. Messy Play

Play-dough, model clay, and slime are among the materials your child will enjoy playing with. All of these activities promote sensory development, which is not only therapeutic or enjoyable but also helps young children improve their finger dexterity and fine motor abilities, all of which are necessary for writing readiness and writing proficiency. So, messy play is a must!

When you invest in learning aids like toys for children, try and see how a toy can be repurposed to achieve a variety of learning objectives. Blocks, for instance, can help in teaching counting, colours,and  pattern-making in addition to being used to build towers.

So invest in the right educational, learning and fun toys for young children today from ToysFerry.

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